Where Can You Buy Retainer Brite?


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Retainer Brite is available for purchase on websites such as SmileShop.com and DentaKit as well as online marketplaces such as Amazon. Packages offer a one-month, three-month, six-month or one-year supply of cleaning tablets, as listed by SmileShop.com.

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Formulated to clean removable dental appliances, Retainer Brite kills 99 percent of seven odor-causing bacteria, helps remove tartar and plaque, and brightens the appliances, according to SmileShop.com. A one-month supply includes 36 tablets. Retainer Brite is the most popular retainer cleanser, as of 2015, according to FreySmiles Orthodontics and includes potassium persulfate as a primary ingredient. It effectively cleans traditional Hawley type retainers, clear aligners or plastic retainers, mouthguards and nightguards. Individuals should not use persulfate-based cleansers on retainers with solder joints to avoid corrosion.

Individuals should avoid brushing retainers with toothpaste, which can scratch the acrylic or clear surface, and create more spaces for bacteria to grow, as stated by FreySmiles Orthodontics. They should also avoid exposing retainers to excessive heat, cleaning retainers with vinegar, over-soaking retainers and soaking Hawley type retainers in alcohol. An ultrasonic cleaner is useful to better remove caked-on residue when used in combination with a cleanser such as Retainer Brite. Most cheaper models that come with cleansers are sonic cleaners. An at-home alternative to traditional cleansers is soaking a retainer in 1 part bleach and 10 parts water for 5 to 10 minutes.

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