Where Can You Buy Portable Nebulizers for Treating Asthma?

You can buy portable nebulizers for treating asthma from JustNebulizers.com, Amazon.com, Walgreens and PHC-Online.com. Portable nebulizers from JustNebulizers.com use either piston compression, ultrasonic technology or vibrating mesh technology. All portable nebulizers through this website are battery operated, with some using batteries specific to the models, and others utilizing rechargeable batteries. JustNebulizers.com offers a buyer's guide for choosing a portable nebulizers based on considerations such as treatment time, medication compatibility, battery life and noise level.

Amazon.com offers a wide variety of portable nebulizer machines and an extensive user base that generates a comprehensive set of reviews for each portable nebulizer. Amazon.com lists nebulizers sold through LL-Partner, PharmaFrag, BP Medical Supplies, PasuTechLLC and Fieans, among others.

You can buy portable nebulizers alongside nebulizer supplies from Walgreens.com. Walgreens also fills prescription respiratory medication and provides training for the use of portable nebulizers. Walgreens carries PARI-brand nebulizers due to PARI's long history of effective inhalation treatment and reduction of medication waste.

PHC-Online.com sells portable nebulizer compressors and parts for home care, travel and the clinic. This discount medical supply company stocks quality compressor nebulizer machines from BeVilbiss, John Bunn, Drive Medical and Aeroneb for use by both adults and children. It also carries ultrasonic nebulizers that offer fast treatment times. Purchase of a portable nebulizer through Preferred Health Choice requires a physician's written prescription.