Where Can You Buy Ponaris Nose Drops?


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Patients can buy Ponaris nose drops without a prescription form Amazon.com, Phamapacks.com, Medichest.com, DrugSupplyStore.com, Herbspro.com and Ponaris.net, according to those websites. Ponaris usually is sold in 1-ounce bottles as of 2015.

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The Ponaris manufacturer, Jamol Laboratories Inc. of Emerson, New Jersey, combines mucosal lubricating and moisturizing botanical oils to create a compound specially treated through an exclusive iodization process, which has been used since 1931, according to Jamol Laboratories. The formula includes oil of pine, oil of eucalyptus, oil of peppermint, oil of cajeput and oil of cottonseed. Ponaris nasal emollient is intended to treat colds, atrophic rhinitis, postnasal drip, epistaxis and rebound sinus reaction from drugs and smog, the company states.

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