Where Can You Buy Military Night Vision?


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Military-grade night vision goggles can be ordered online, with certain restrictions. Nivisys designs the standard-issue night vision goggles used by the United States ground forces during night operations and accepts orders on its website at nivisys.com. Tactical Night Vision Company sells various MIL-SPEC night vision goggles at tnvc.com.

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The U.S. Department of Defense and law enforcement agencies have priority when purchasing tactical gear such as night vision goggles, so civilian purchases are subject to availability. Previous-generation night vision goggles no longer in use by the military are available through military surplus retailers. Commercially available night vision goggles are less sophisticated but more affordable than the tactical version and are frequently marketed to sportsmen and hunters. Sporting good stores and online retailers offer night vision goggles for sale from brands such as Night Optics, ATN and Armasight.

Anyone purchasing night vision goggles should be aware that they are categorized as weapons by the U.S. State Department. The purchase and use of night vision equipment is governed by the International Traffic in Arms Regulation. It is illegal to export or travel outside of the country with night vision gear. Additionally, non-citizens are restricted from purchasing or looking through many of the more advanced night vision systems on U.S. soil. They are also restricted from accessing owner's manuals and documentation.

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