Where Can You Buy the Ingredients to Make Home Treatments for Dry Hands?


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Most of the ingredients to make dry-skin remedies for hands at home can be purchased from a standard grocery store, according to Everyday Health. A number of common foods can be very beneficial to dry skin.

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Foods from a supermarket that are beneficial in treating dry hands skin include natural oils such as olive oil and grapeseed oil, notes Everyday Health. They can be especially effective if applied after a shower, by rubbing the oil into the hands and any other affected areas.

Milk is another common food staple that can be used for the treatment of dry skin, explains Everyday Health. When added to bath water, the lactic acid in the dairy product works to alleviate dry skin on the hands and other parts of the body. Plain oatmeal is yet another pantry ingredient that can be added when taking a bath. It is particularly good for soothing dry, irritated patches.

Beyond these edible choices, Vaseline, or any brand of petroleum jelly, is an inexpensive alternative treatment that is readily available at a supermarket or pharmacy, states Everyday Health. Aloe vera, whether obtained from a commercial product or directly from an Aloe vera plant, is also an excellent choice for hydrating and soothing dry hands.

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