Where Can You Buy HurryCane Products?

Where Can You Buy HurryCane Products?

HurryCane products are available for purchase through HurryCane.com, as of 2015. The site also provides a store locator tool for finding authorized retailers that carry HurryCane products.

To order HurryCane products online, visitors to HurryCane.com should click Buy Now. On the next page, they select a HurryCane model. The checkout page allows the customer to select any additional options, such as the cane's color. It also has reviews and the total price.

The site allows customers to pay by credit card or by mail. To pay by credit card, the customer clicks that option, enters the shipping and billing information and submits the order. To pay by mail, the customer clicks that option, prints an order form and sends it in with a check or money order.

To find an authorized retailer, visitors to the homepage should click Find a Store. On the store locator page, the Search Near You button provides nearby locations, based on the user's current location. The customer must authorize sharing that location with HurryCane to utilize the tool. Otherwise, the user can search by a city or ZIP code.

The tool lists results and displays them as icons on a map. Each list entry includes the store's name, phone number, address and approximate distance from the location entered.