How Can You Buy a Home Ultrasound Machine?


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Home ultrasound machines can be purchased at retailers such as Amazon, Alibaba and Costco, at Internet auction sites such as eBay or at medical equipment suppliers such as LGMedSupply.com. Those intending to follow the lead of Tom Cruise and acquire clinical ultrasound machines for home use can procure units from Ultrasound & Hospital Service and other medical equipment suppliers and retailers such as Alibaba. However, such use is strongly discouraged.

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Home ultrasound machines are typically used for therapeutic purposes. Among other benefits, these devices provide pain relief, reduce inflammation and muscle spasms, minimize muscle sensitivity, increase the pace of recovery and improve the range of motion, according to LGMedSupply.com. To ensure that a particular model is safe for use, potential buyers should check the devices for quality manufacturing and statutory certifications such as the ISO 9001, CE and FDA, according to Christine Beggs of EZ Ultrasound. High-quality home ultrasound machines are portable, easy to use and come with a warranty, adds Beggs.

The practice of using certain types of ultrasound machines for checking the state of a pregnancy while at home is extremely controversial. According to Kim Mackenzie-Morris of Baby Center UK, the practice is strongly discouraged by doctors and midwives. These sentiments are echoed by Fran Kritz of NBC News, who also warns that the practice may be illegal.

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