Where Can You Buy a High Weight Scale?


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High capacity, or bariatric scales, can be bought online at a number of stores including Walmart.com, OldWillKnottScales.com and itinscale.com. Scales of this type come in a variety of maximum capacities, from 400 pounds to 1,000 pounds.

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Many high capacity digital bathroom scales offer the same features as traditional scales, such as digital readouts, tempered glass platforms, LCD screens, individual profiles and body fat measurements. They also feature wider standing platforms for larger users or mothers holding children. Each of these websites, OldWillKnottScales.com, Walmart.com and itinscale.com provide scales with a variety of styles and options, including maximum weights from 400 to 800 pounds.

Medical high capacity scales are also available on each website for the home or medical facility. One type comes with a flat or ramp platform designed to hold a wheelchair or walker while measurements are taken. This type of specialty scale measures up to 1,000 pounds. Another type of medical scale features a nonskid standing surface and handrails for elderly or unstable obese patients.

Each of these websites is easy to use and lists all available features. OldWillKnottScales.com and itinscale.com offer subcategories of scales based on maximum weight of the user. Walmart.com offers a "best match" sort option and "related searches" with comparable keywords for ease of use.

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