Where Can You Buy Custom Grilles?

Where Can You Buy Custom Grilles?

Custom teeth grilles can be purchased from websites such as KrunkGrillz.com and GrillsbyPaulWall.com, notes Bloomberg Business. These decorative dental pieces are also available on eBay and at retailers that include Custom Gold Grillz and Golden Names Jewelry Store.

The price of custom grilles varies by vendor, design and teeth size, explains Bloomberg Businessweek. For instance, as of April 2015, KrunkGrillz prices its offerings made from gold at between $176 and $2,800, while grilles from GrillsbyPaulWall crafted from a variety of materials cost between $65 and $6,250. GrillsbyPaulWall also sells offerings with flag motifs for $10,000.

The Golden Names Jewelry Store prices its customized pieces as low as $70. CSBlingShop, which offers its wares through eBay, sells custom grilles made from gold for between $195 and $260.

Offerings from GrillsbyPaulWall include diamond-studded custom grilles. Cheaper grilles feature lower quality SI diamonds, while higher-priced products are studded with VS diamonds. Custom grilles made from gold are priced depending on the purity of the metal. The company also offers pieces made from white gold.

To ensure a perfect fit, custom grilles are crafted from teeth impressions made on specialized mouth molds, explains GrillsbyPaulWall. These molds can be purchased from dentists. Mouth molds are also available at online retailers such as the CSBlingShop.