Where Can You Buy Condoms?

According to TeenHealthFX, condoms are available for purchase near the pharmacy counter of grocery and drug stores. Many vending machines in public men’s restrooms supply them. In addition, Columbia University points out that condoms are for sale at sexuality specialty shops and online stores and through mail-order catalogues.

AVERT explains that condoms are also provided free by some doctors, health clinics, family planning centers and schools. No matter how condoms are obtained, no prescription is required.

Condoms come in a large number of varieties with different types of materials, sizes, lubrications, colors, textures and tips, AVERT indicates. Choosing the appropriate kind provides the best protection. For example, unless a partner is allergic to latex, it is preferred to use these types of condoms because they provide a better defense against sexually transmitted infections and pregnancies than ones made of polyurethane.