Where Can I Buy Cambridge Diet Products?

Cambridge Diet products are available online. Ordering products online is simple and safe. It is recommended to use a Cambridge site, such as Cambridge Diet USA or Cambridge Diet Plan, because those sites provide instructions on how to make a safe purchase.

According to the Cambridge Story, outlined on Cambridge Diet USA, Cambridge introduced its nutritional formula, based on the research by Dr. Howard at Cambridge University, in 1979. Decades later, the original Cambridge diet formula is still a popular, weight-loss product. It is a great meal replacement and very easy to prepare.

One serving equals 110 calories; and, each serving contains 33 percent vitamins and minerals, 33 percent of the required electrolytes and trace elements, 10 grams of protein, 15 grams of carbohydrate and only 1 gram of fat. It comes in 6 delicious flavors, which include: French Vanilla, Super Strawberry, Dutch Chocolate, Rich Vanilla Shake, Orange Delight and Banana Cream.

Cambridge Diet USA recommends that it is used three times per day, and a fourth time when used in conjunction with the Fast Start of Physicians Monitored Programs. The manufacturer claims that an average weight loss per week is 5-7 pounds. Those who want to lose more weight should also increase physical activity.