Where Can You Buy Brioschi Products?

Brioschi products, namely antacids for adults and children, are available for purchase online from Amazon and Supermarket Italy. As of May 29, 2015, drugstore.com does not currently have Brioschi products available, but it offers a service to notify buyers when it restocks the product.

Brioschi produces a variety of antacids, which relieve heartburn, sour stomach or acid indigestion by neutralizing excess stomach acid, according to Drugs.com. Comprised primarily of sodium bicarbonate, Brioschi is also used to make the urine and blood more alkaline. Drugs.com cautions that people should not take Brioschi within one to two hours of taking other medicine by mouth or for long periods of time, as doing so increases the chance of side effects.

In a Drug Store News article, the president of Greenwood Group describes Brioschi as a niche, high-demand product. The Greenwood Group managed a marketing campaign for Brioschi during its revitalization in 2011 that included trade show promotions, sampling and newspaper advertising, Drug Store News reports.

It may be possible for a local drugstore to order Brioschi products if it does not already carry them. Simply call or visit the local pharmacy to find out whether Brioschi products are currently available or can be requested.