Where Can I Buy the 48-Hour Hollywood Diet Liquid Drink?

The 48-Hour Hollywood diet can be purchased online at the company's site, general shopping sites, such as Amazon, and online nutritional goods websites. It can also purchased at pharmacies, such as CVS, Walgreens and Walmart. The 48-Hour Hollywood diet is a two day diet system consisting of a concentrated juice drink meant to be consumed throughout the day,

The 48-Hour Hollywood Diet, also known as the 48-Hour Miracle Diet, was introduced to the market in December 1997 by California-based Sunset Health Products, Inc., a company focused on nature-based diet and health products. The 48-Hour Hollywood Diet quickly became a hugely popular diet product, mainly because of the company's ambitious promises to help dieters lose up to 10 pounds in 48 hours. The vitamin-infused concentrated drink is to be diluted with water and consumed over the course of two consecutive days.

The success of the original 48-Hour Hollywood Diet formula spawned a spin-off product known as the 24-Hour Miracle diet, a product intended to induce weight loss within one day, for dieters who need to lose fewer pounds or who do not want to go two straight days without food. The 24-Hour Miracle Diet promises to help users drop 5 pounds in 24 hours. Both the 48-Hour Hollywood Diet and the 24-Hour Miracle Diet are free of caffeine and ephedra and are formulated with added vitamins and minerals to enhance vitality and increase energy.