How Can I Build Upper Body Muscle Fast?


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According to Men's Fitness, compound exercises, comprehensive pre- and post-workout nutrition, lots of reconstructive sleep and frequent bodybuilding sessions focusing on the upper body muscles at least three times per week all aid in gaining muscle mass at a faster rate. Additional supplementary tips include setting clear goals and keeping a food and fitness journal to track progress.

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Muscle & Fitness urges people to understand that diet is just as important as exercise when attempting to build muscle. Growing muscles rely heavily on the use of protein to repair and reinforce shredded tissues so they transform into bulkier mass. It is recommended to continually fuel the body throughout the day by consuming six small meals if possible. Calories consumed in large quantities at one sitting are difficult for the body to burn, and the unused calories are turned into fat. When calories are introduced slowly into the body in small amounts throughout the day, the body is better able to burn them as it needs them.

Men's Fitness also recommends bringing a protein shake containing a small amount of carbohydrates to the gym to drink in the middle of a workout, as this fuels the body with beneficial nutrients to make the workout more efficient.

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