How Can I Build a Ripped Body Without Using Weights?


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A person can build a muscular, lean and ripped body without weights by using fitness plans that include calisthenics, according to CalisthenicExercise.com. Plyometric exercises, where jumping and other movements are incorporated into a cardiovascular and strength workout, also build muscle using body weight only, as demonstrated on Sports Fitness Advisor.

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CalisthenicExercise.com recommends exercises such as push ups, pull ups, squats, dips, lunges, isometrics, and plyometrics that target all of the major muscle groups without using weights. Some benefits of calisthenics include better control of the body, increased flexibility and decreased chances of injury, which is a major factor in weight training because strength increases along with the volume of weights lifted. The intensity of the exercise program determines the amount of muscle developed and fat lost through training. Beginners can increase intensity over time, as their strength, flexibility and endurance increase.

Sports Fitness Advisor explains how plyometric training works and provides a variety of exercise information, including sport-specific training and a nutrition section. BeachBody.com offers free online programs along with Insanity, an intense 60-day program, which features a full workout and diet plan. Insanity workouts feature body-weight-only exercises in combination with high-volume cardiovascular moves. Both this type of follow-along program and basic calisthenics programs can be performed at home without weights.

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