How Can I Build Muscle Without Weights?

By using a regimen of body-weight and plyometric exercise, a person can build muscles without weights, notes AskMen. Exercises utilizing gravity, body weight, momentum and instability similar to gymnastic training exercises enable a person to gain muscles without the use of additional weights.

To gain muscle in the lower body, perform jump squats with a pause in the squat position at three sets of eight reps. This requires squatting completely and then jumping into the air as high as possible. After landing, pause for five seconds mid-squat and then complete the squat before jumping again. Step-ups without barbells are the next exercise to be done in three sets of 20 reps at a 2:0:2 tempo. The step is placed higher, more reps are added and the tempo is slowed to receive the same effectiveness without the use of weights, according to AskMen.

The alternating push-up to side plank is performed in three sets of 15 reps at a 2:1:4 tempo to work the upper body muscles without the use of weights. This exercise is an altered standard push-up with a side plank added that is done after returning to the upward push-up position. A person should hold the side plank condition for four seconds to complete the rep. The standard pull-up exercise with an additional pike movement at the bottom of the pull-up is also done in three sets of 15 reps at a 2:2:2:1 tempo for upper body muscle development without weights, reports AskMen.