How Can You Build Healthy Relationships With Men?

Individuals can build healthy relationships with men by communicating honestly about needs, desires and fears to build trust. A healthy relationship also requires couples to stay involved with each other by making time to date, eat meals together and get to know all aspects of each other's lives, such as work, school, hobbies, family and friends.

To build a healthy relationship with a man, individuals must also learn how to navigate conflict. Couples are bound to disagree, but eliminating a fear of conflict helps to identify strategies to work through disagreements. Both parties should feel safe to express concerns without the fear of retaliation, humiliation or disrespectful behavior from their partner.

A healthy relationship with a man is based on trust. Both people in the relationship should be encouraged to pursue personal interests, career goals and friendships outside of the relationship. Men may feel suffocated or trapped if they are not encouraged to pursue social or leisure activities that are enjoyable. Couples who spend time together but also allow each other to have time to themselves often feel more satisfied with themselves and their relationships.

A healthy relationship with a man also includes showing interest in his interests. Couples who try new things together and explore each other's interests find themselves bonding and building trust.