How Can You Get Buff?


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Getting buff is accomplished by gaining muscle through strength training and proper nutrition. Compound lifts should be performed so each muscle group can be trained multiple times per week, with adequate rest.

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Gaining muscle requires that a person consume more calories than he burns. Healthy foods to eat include lean meats, eggs, beans, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight should be eaten. Whey protein can be used if additional protein is needed. Drinking water is also vital to keep the body running optimally and to fill the muscles with water.

Five major lifts to perform are barbell rows, bench press, overhead press, deadlifts and squats. One effective exercise routine is squats, barbell rows and bench press on Monday and Friday, then squats, overhead press and deadlifts on Wednesday. The days for each exercise group can be alternated each week.

Five sets of five repetitions should be performed for each exercise except deadlifts, where only one set is necessary. Weight should be increased every week. Each exercise is performed with an Olympic barbell. A warm up with light weight should be done before every set. Rest between each set can vary between 1 1/2 to 5 minutes. Between sets, wait as long as it takes for heart rate to return to normal range.

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