How Can You Bring Down Blood Sugar Fast?


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Hydration, exercise and snacks filled with protein are three strategies for dropping blood sugar levels quickly, according to Diabetic Connect. When diabetics forget to take insulin or do not use insulin in their treatment plan, these tips also work to bring levels back to normal.

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How Can You Bring Down Blood Sugar Fast?
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High blood sugar levels cause a sensation of extreme thirst combined with nausea, fatigue and blurred vision. Those around the patient also might note high levels of irritability. Testing the sugar level before it gets too high is important for successful management, as stated by Diabetic Connect.

When it comes to hydration, the more water consumed, the better the results. Drinking a minimum of two glasses of water in succession flushes through the system and brings some stability to sugar levels in the bloodstream. Exercise starts the metabolism running, and as the blood goes through the body faster, it also consumes glucose more quickly. Endorphins build up, causing the body to feel better as well. Elevating the heart rate for at least 10 or 15 minutes produces the best results, so long as the diabetic monitors the blood sugar during exercise to keep it from dropping too far, notes Diabetic Connect.

Protein stabilizes blood sugar and sometimes slows down the body's glucose absorption. Eating a snack such as a spoonful of peanut butter or one ounce of lean turkey gives the body protein without sugar, bringing order to the bloodstream, reports Diabetic Connect.

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