How Can a Brain Damaged by Alcohol Be Treated?


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Brain damage caused by alcohol consumption can be treated by the use thiamine or stopping alcohol consumption. Whether treatment is effective or not depends on the severity of the damage caused by the substance. Women are at a greater risk of suffering from alcohol related complications when compared to men, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

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Alcohol consumption in moderation rarely has a negative effect on the human body and may even result into cardioprotective health benefits. However, excessive or continual consumption of alcohol is likely to result in a number of complications including brain damage, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, sexual dysfunction, rheumatoid arthritis and liver disease.

When too much alcohol is consumed, it affects the brain by destroying cells responsible for normal brain function. In order to stop further brain damage, doctors may perform examinations and recommend abstinence from alcohol consumption. This will effectively allow the brain to replenish the cells that have been damaged.

In certain cases, doctors may recommend the use of thiamine to manage the condition. However, in severe situations, the best way to deal with the condition is to provide support to both the victim and the family. This means they are counseled on how to live with the affected person even though treatment may not be possible.

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