How Can You Get a Boy to Like You?

There are many ways to get a boy to like you, including modeling successful behavior, developing drama-free relationships and finding a hobby with which to share the company of boys. Minor adjustments to your approach to attracting the attention of boys reap great rewards.

Those wishing to attract the attention of boys can observe others who are more successful at attracting boys. If you have a friend who is particularly successful at attracting boys, you should observe and follow her techniques. You don't have to copy or mimic her, but by implementing successful strategies, you are more likely to get boys to notice you.

Try not to make relationships overly complicated or dramatic. Boys are more interested in a girl if they know that their relationship is simple and enjoyable for both parties, not just a vehicle for drama. Stay true to yourself, and strive to be the person with whom boys want to spend their time.

The best way to meet guys is to be around them. Find an interest or hobby that is for boys and girls. Interact with boys who share similar interests. If you are busy doing something that you love, the anxiety of interacting with a potential partner disappears. Boys and girls who share hobbies can develop deeper relationships, and if the romantic component is not there, you are still able to make friends.