Can Bone Spurs Cause Foot Problems?


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Bone spurs can cause pain, swelling, and the development of corns and calluses when they occur in the foot, according to WebMD. Typically the pain is focused in the heel and worsens after sleeping and while walking.

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Can Bone Spurs Cause Foot Problems?
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Many times, heel spurs and bone spurs in the foot do not cause any symptoms or any long-term issues, notes WebMD. Those who do experience side effects from bone spurs in the feet typically feel intermittent pain or chronic pain when they walk or run. This typically only happens if the area around the spur formation is inflamed.

Some individuals with heel spurs feel a sharp pain when they first stand up in the morning and find the pain subsides into a dull ache later on in the day, explains WebMD. Most individuals with bone spurs make modifications to their routine to avoid irritating the issue. Other treatments include stretching, taping the foot or adding inserts to shoes. Since pain is the only issue associated with bone spurs, some may try anti-inflammatory or pain medication to alleviate daily discomfort.

A surgical procedure can fix these spurs in those who find the pain disrupts their daily life. More than 90 percent of people with bone spurs in the feet can recover without surgical or invasive treatments, according to WebMD.

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