Can Blood in the Urine Be Treated With Over-the-Counter Medication?


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Blood in the urine does not have a specific treatment, according to Mayo Clinic. A doctor may prescribe a medication to treat an underlying condition causing the bloody urine, such as bladder or kidney stones, a urinary tract infection or an enlarged prostate.

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There are numerous other conditions that may cause bloody urine, including an injured kidney, cancer and kidney disease, states Mayo Clinic.. Some people may experience blood in the urine due to a hereditary condition such as sickle cell anemia. Other possible causes of bloody urine include a kidney infection, certain medications or vigorous exercise. Treatment for blood in the urine is not usually necessary unless the underlying condition is serious.

If a person has blood in their urine, they should speak to a health care professional immediately, notes WebMD. Blood in the urine may or may not contain clots, and it is usually orange, red, brown or pink. It is important to remember if the urine contained clots and what color it was so that the doctor can diagnose the cause. The doctor may also need to know if there was blood present during the beginning and end of the stream. They may also ask if it was painful and where the pain was located.

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