Where Can You Find a Blood Sugar Level Chart?

Blood sugar level charts are available for viewing on the websites for WebMD, the Joslin Diabetes Center and the Canadian Diabetes Association. These organizations also offer additional information about hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia and diabetes.

WebMD offers a blood sugar level chart with target blood sugar levels for diabetics over age 20. This chart lists target levels for fasting, before meal, after meal, before exercise and bedtime. It also includes A1c target levels. The site warns that the target blood sugar levels given in the chart are only general medical guidelines and that patients should continue to follow their doctor's instructions. Blood sugar level charts for young children, kids and teenagers are also available from this site.

The Joslin Diabetes Center website provides a blood sugar level chart for diabetics and non-diabetics. The chart lists blood sugar guidelines for levels before breakfast, which is considered fasting, as well as before meals and snacks, two hours after meals and at bedtime. A1c target levels are also included on this chart.

The blood sugar level chart offered by the Canadian Diabetes Association has a simpler layout compared to the previous two charts. It includes guidelines for fasting blood glucose levels, blood glucose levels two hours after eating and A1c levels.