Can Your Blood Sugar Become Too Low?


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Blood sugar can become too low at levels under 70 milligrams per deciliter, according to the American Diabetes Association. The medical name for abnormally low blood sugar is hypoglycemia.

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Can Your Blood Sugar Become Too Low?
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Early symptoms of hypoglycemia include sleepiness, hunger, irritability, weakness, anxiety, trembling and pale skin, states WebMD. Without treatment, the patient may experience more severe symptoms, such as numbness in the mouth, poor concentration, a lack of coordination or fainting. Hypoglycemia can also lead to a coma.

Diabetics get hypoglycemia if they take more insulin than necessary for the carbohydrates they have consumed, indicates WebMD. Starting a new medication or exercising more than usual can also cause hypoglycemia, adds Health.com. Drinking soda or juice can help restore healthy blood sugar levels, or the patient can take glucose gel or tablets or get a glucagon shot, advises KidsHealth.

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