Can a Blocked Tear Duct Be Painful?


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Symptoms of a blocked tear duct include pain and swelling in the eye corners, blurred vision and inflammation, according to Mayo Clinic. Additional symptoms include eyelid discharge, watering eyes and mucus on the eye surface.

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Can a Blocked Tear Duct Be Painful?
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Blocked tear ducts can also cause swelling around the nose, according to WebMD. This type of swelling typically occurs when tear duct blockages cause infection. Additional signs of an infected blocked tear duct include fever and increased inflammation. In certain cases, blocked tear duct symptoms can worsen following a viral infection. Symptoms can also be exacerbated by external elements such as wind or cold weather.

Tear ducts can become blocked due to injuries, tumors or infections, notes MedlinePlus. The condition is diagnosed by visual examination and eye x-rays. Fluorescein eye stains may also be applied to the eyes for easier detection of blockages. Clogged tear ducts can often be treated with home remedies such as warm compresses and gentle massage techniques. Individuals with infected tear ducts may be prescribed eye drops or topical ointments. In certain cases, surgical procedures to reconstruct the eye passageways or probing procedures to open the clogged ducts may also be recommended. In rare instances, stents or tubes may be inserted into the tear ducts to prevent future blockages.

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