How Can You Block a Contact Number on

How Can You Block a Contact Number on

Users of can block a contact by visiting a profile and clicking on Block from Contact, as of June 2015. They can also click on Block from Search to remove that member from their search results and any other lists.

Once a user has blocked another member, that member is unable to contact him on However, a blocked member can still view the profile of the person that blocked him. also offers a Report a Concern link for users to anonymously report inappropriate conduct.

Users can unblock another member by navigating to that member's page and clicking Unblock from Contact. Alternatively, the user can click the gear icon at the top of the page and click on Settings. He can then click on Blocking, select any member he wants to unblock, and click on Unblock.

Another method of removing another member from search results is clicking the "X" icon on the corner of his profile, when the profile appears in a list. To undo this action, the user can click on Removed Profiles from his home page, select a member and click on Show.

The site doesn't notify members when they are blocked or removed from search results. limits the amount of members a user can block or remove from search results.