How Can Blisters in the Mouth Be Prevented?


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Although there is no cure for mouth ulcers and no foolproof way to prevent them from reappearing, steps can be taken to address any underlying causes and lessen their frequency, says BootsWebMD. Good oral hygiene, a mindful diet and avoiding stress triggers can help keep oral health more stable.

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Although individuals suffering from the appearance of painful, recurring mouth sores are known to have a genetic tendency for developing them, several preventive measures help keep the condition in check, explains BootsWebMD. Using a soft bristle toothbrush that does not cause damage to the inner lining of the mouth and flossing daily dislodges any stuck food particles that can cause inadvertent friction and lead to a mouth ulcer. Avoid spicy food items and citrus such as orange, grapefruit and lemon, all which irritate the lining of the mouth, to establish a nutritious diet that keeps the immune system in top form.

Stress relievers such as regular exercise and a healthy night's sleep help lessen the likelihood of any mouth ulcer outbreaks due to stress, according to Healthline. However, if mouth ulcers are painful enough to prevent proper functioning, or if individual sores do not heal on their own after three weeks, see a physician, recommends BootsWebMD. In rare cases, the ulcers may be caused by a serious underlying condition.

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