Can Bleach Heal Nail Fungus; and If So, How?


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Bleach can manage and heal nail fungus if a drop is placed on the affected nail and allowed to soak into the area for a maximum of 15 minutes, according to James F. Carter for the UCLA Department of Mathematics. After the allotted time, rinse off the bleach.

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Adding bleach to a nail infected with fungus is a good activity to do prior to taking a shower, states Carter. Not only does the ceramic floor keep bleach from harming another surface such as carpet, but it easily rinses off the bleach after the 15 minutes. Prior to bleaching the nail, the individual should add petroleum jelly to the skin around the nail to protect it from the bleach chemicals. After showering, the individual should file the infected nail as far down as possible, and place Lamisil and urea paste over the remaining nail or skin of the nail bed. This process should be repeated daily for up to two months.

An individual should practice good nail hygiene to prevent future infections, suggests Laura Geggel for Live Science. This includes keeping the nails short and clean. Nails should also be kept as dry as possible because fungus grows in wet environments. The individual should also never walk around in bare feet in public showers or other places where the fungus thrives.

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