Where Can You Find a Blank Diabetic Record Chart?


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The DiabetesChart.org website provides a printable blank log to record glucose meter readings for free. The logs are printable by month and provide space enough to record times and readings up to six times a day.

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The available charts are already updated for the proper year, so the days fall onto the correct dates. The user simply clicks the corresponding month and when the chart opens, prints it to begin using.

There is a place at the top of the chart that allows the user to insert their name. The top six boxes is where the test times are inserted. In order to get the most accurate test results, testing should be done at the same times each day. The columns underneath the test times are where the test results are inserted. The monthly sheet makes it easy to notice any changes in glucose levels that may need a doctors attention.

The site also offers other printable diabetic tools, such as a daily or weekly diary, a dairy with categories, an hourly diary, a labs text log and a HbA1c to glucose conversion chart for those inside the United States and outside of the U.S. The daily and hourly diaries are a terrific way to track meals, medications and other stimulants or factors that could impact the glucose readings.

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