How Can Bladder Spasms Be Treated?


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One of the most common ways to treat bladder spasms is with medicines that help the bladder relax, called anticholinergics, according to WebMD. Some types of antidepressants and sedatives can also help relax the bladder.

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Another common way to help control bladder spasms is through various kinds of therapy, states WebMD. One type of therapy, called Kegels, not only strengthens the bladder but also helps it relax. Combining this type of therapy with biofeedback therapy, which is a method used to teach a person how to control normally autonomous bodily functions, has proven very effective, especially in children.

Sometimes, a doctor may instruct a patient to change her diet, states WebMD. This type of treatment can be useful if a specific food is causing the bladder to spasm. Other doctors may recommend what is called "timed voiding" where the patient is instructed to go to the bathroom to urinate at specific intervals, usually every 1.5 to two hours. As spasms continue to get better, a patient can lengthen the period of time between trips to the bathroom.

Some doctors may place an implant under the skin that generates tiny electrical pulses at regularly timed intervals to stimulate the bladder, according to WebMD. Doctors are likely to use this technique if the previous ones showed little success.

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