How Can You Get Big Muscles?


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Increasing muscle mass requires a structured exercise routine and a specific diet. Focus on full-body weight training exercises over cardio, and make sure to eat foods high in protein.

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The best exercises to increase the size of one's muscles are those that engage as much of the body as possible. Cardio does engage leg muscles to a degree, but it often leads to overall weight loss and generally lean muscles. Focus on weight-free moves like planks, pushups and burpees to get all of the body’s major muscle areas engaged. A split routine is also effective as it provides more target attention. In a split routine, one gym visit is entirely dedicated to upper body workouts such as bench presses and dumbbell repetitions. Another gym visit is dedicated to lower body toning, with exercises such as squats and leg presses.

Diet is also incredibly important to building muscle mass. Foods rich in protein are key because protein is required to repair minuscule muscle damage after each workout. The repair process is what allows muscle to grow in size. Eating after each working is also important because the body needs more fuel after intense exertion. If the body does not get a fresh supply of glucose, it breaks down fat and muscle for the fuel.

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