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A lifter should work on improving technique to increase the amount he can bench press. This includes lifting quickly, strengthening his back and arms and increasing the amount of calories consumed on a daily basis. Additionally, it is important for a lifter to protect his health, as upper body muscle injuries can dramatically reduce bench press strength.

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Learning perfect technique is a sure-fire way to increase the amount a lifter can bench press. When performing a bench press, a lifter should grab the bar close to his wrists, squeeze the bar as hard as he can to fully activate the triceps, pull his shoulder blades together to tighten the upper back, use the power of his legs to form a strong foundation by driving his body into the bench, keep his elbows tucked in tightly and push the bar up in a straight line.

Although the bench press is primarily a chest exercise, it also heavily stresses the back and arms. For a bigger bench press total, a lifter should perform barbell rows to strengthen his back, perform hammer curls to strengthen his biceps brachialis, and perform dips and close grip bench presses to strengthen his triceps. Lifting quickly is also crucial to a big bench press. Bench press speed is improved by training with chains or bands.

Bigger muscles are stronger muscles. To increase muscle mass, a lifter should increase the amount of food he eats. A lifter should eat at least 18 times as many calories as his body weighs in pounds everyday and should focus on eating high-protein foods, such as poultry, meat and fish.

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