How Can a Beginner Train for a 5K Run?


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Runner's World offers an eight-week program that takes non-runners and prepares them to run a 5K race. This plan starts you off with walking and running intervals and moves you through until you are running for 30 minutes straight.

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The first week of this beginner 5K program starts you off running one minute then walking for two minutes, repeating that 10 times. You do this on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday and Thursday are 30-minute easy walks, and Sunday is a rest day.

Week two gradually increases your running so by the end of the week, you are running for four minutes and walking for one minute six times.

Week three ends with alternating running six minutes and walking one minute four times and finishing with a two-minute run. Week four has you running for 11 minutes by the end of the week, walking for one minute, and completing that twice, followed by a six-minute run.

Week five ends with a 15-minute run, a one-minute walk, and then a 14-minute run. By the end of week six, you are running for 19 minutes with a one-minute break and then a 10-minute run. Week seven ends with a 26-minute run, a one-minute walk and a three-minute run.

Finally, week eight has you running five days with one walking day.

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