What Can You Do Before Surgery to Improve Your Recovery Time?

Managing your health, informing yourself about the surgery and following pre-surgery directions from your surgeon help improve recovery time. Mental and physical preparation before surgery can result in a faster recovery time and fewer complications, according to HealthyWomen.

A physically strong body handles the stress of surgery better, as stated by Everyday Health. In the days and weeks before the surgery, eat healthy, exercise and go to bed early so your body is rested. Smokers can improve recovery time by kicking the habit for at least the two weeks before the scheduled surgery date.

Mentally preparing for surgery reduces stress hormones that can reduce immune system functioning and affect how your body deals with pain and infection, according to HealthyWomen. Being fully informed about the surgery options, what to expect and potential complications may help reduce your stress. Relaxation techniques before surgery such as visualization and breathing exercises also help control your stress level.

Alert the surgeon about existing medical conditions, including diseases, medications and allergies, to reduce the risk of complications that could extend recovery time. Blood thinners and anti-inflammatory medications can cause clotting problems or increased bleeding, as reported by the American Association of Kidney Patients. During the pre-op testing the day before surgery, ask questions and ensure you understand the preparation for surgery. This usually means no food or drink after midnight on the night before your surgery.