Where Can I Find Before-and-After Pictures of a Mini Facelift?

Before-and-after pictures of mini facelifts are available from Artisan Plastic Surgery and the website for Dr. Darrick E. Antell, as of 2015. The mini facelift is a less-invasive version of the full facelift and is a good option for patients who wish to reduce signs of aging around the middle of the face. Typical patients are in their forties or fifties and do not have a lot of excess skin in the neck and jawline areas.

The incision for a mini facelift is about half as long as the incision a surgeon makes when performing a full facelift, notes Dr.Antell. Mini facelifts do not typically require most of the incisions behind the ear that are common with full facelifts. The specific positioning of the incisions varies based on the patient's facial structure and the surgeon's preferences.

During the procedure, the surgeon separates the facial skin from the underlying muscle and fat tissue, describes Dr. Antell. Depending on the treatment goals, he may then remove some fat from the neck and chin areas for contouring purposes. He then tightens the muscle tissue, cuts away any excess skin and stitches the skin back into place. Patients can usually walk around one or two days after the procedure and can return to work within about two weeks.