Where Can You Find Before and After Photos of Patients With a Gum Abscess?


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Find before and after pictures of gum abscesses on several periodontists' and dentists' websites such as Perio4u.com, NYCDentist.com, DrRomanMelnyk.com and Periopeak.com. Gum abscesses are painful swellings in the gums where bacteria has been trapped and become infected.

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The body forms abscesses, or pus-filled pockets, to protect infections from spreading. They frequently occur between the tooth and the gum when there is a gap under the gum tissue and food or bacteria gets trapped in that area or when there is severe periodontal disease. Abscesses do not heal on their own, so a dentist or periodontist has to drain the abscess and prescribe antibiotics to treat the underlying infection.

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