How Can You Become a Formula One Driver?


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Becoming a Formula One driver is difficult and requires full commitment from an early age. A Formula One driver needs to have both excellent driving skills and a remarkable physical condition.

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It should be noted that it takes several years before being able to become an F1 driver, requiring plenty of commitment.

  1. Develop remarkable racing skills
  2. To become a Formula One driver, developing racing skills from an early age is essential. Getting karting lessons at the age of 6 or 8 is recommended. The karting training should continue for five to 10 years. After karting, develop further skills on Formula BMW, GP3 and GP2 vehicles.
  3. Prepare a backup education
  4. Not all young people who train to become F1 drivers achieve the desired result in the end. F1 trainers recommend pursuing a college or university degree in parallel with training to have a backup career.
  5. Work on physical endurance
  6. Formula 1 drivers are are professional athletes, so watching the diet carefully and training on a daily basis is essential. The help of a personal trainer is often required to achieve the desired results. Having an excellent body posture, body mechanics and muscle strength are all important for a F1 driver.
  7. Become a test driver
  8. From the age of 20 and above, one can become a test driver on a Formula 1 car. After a couple of test years, the F1 driver career is open.
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