How Can You Become Flexible Enough to Do the Splits?

can-become-flexible-enough-splits Credit: Kei Uesugi/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To become flexible enough to do the splits, a person should perform stretches in the proper order, according to the Huffington Post. Consistency, visualization, resistance training and sleep are also important.

The Huffington Post explains that taking more time to perform stretches increases a person's ability to go deeper into the splits. It helps to start with easier stretching exercises and do the intense positions afterward. It is important to stretch the upper body first, followed by the quadriceps, groin, inner thighs, outer hips, waist, back muscles, hamstrings and calves. The calf muscles should be stretched with a flexed foot.

While stretching, it helps to use both pointed feet and then a flexed foot to bring a more even balance to the stretching session. Women's Health Magazine recommends holding a lunge stretch for 20-30 seconds at time on each leg. A person must be consistent in doing stretches and make these a regular part of her routine. Bouncing should be avoided, as it is an outdated method that can cause pulled muscles and injury. Additionally, resistance training helps in releasing the muscles when a person inhales deeply and exhales into the stretch.

Sleeping is crucial, as it allows the body to recover and heal, the Huffington Post notes. Proper rest enables the body and mind to rejuvenate. Moreover, because the mind controls the body, a person should visualize her goals.