Can a Bar of Soap Help Relieve Leg Cramps?


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A bar of soap does not relieve leg cramps, according to Everyday Health. People who use the remedy believe that the soap releases magnesium. Too little magnesium in the system is one source of cramps, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

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Can a Bar of Soap Help Relieve Leg Cramps?
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Muscle overuse or strain or dehydration may cause leg cramps, as explained by Mayo Clinic. A cramp sometimes occurs if the leg remains in the same position too long. Insufficient dietary intake of potassium or calcium leads to cramps. Diuretics also cause these mineral deficiencies.

Arteriosclerosis -- narrowing of arteries -- prevents sufficient blood from getting to the legs, as reported by Mayo Clinic. This leads to cramps, especially during exercise. Cessation of movement typically releases the cramp. Nerve compression in the spine also produces painful leg cramps. Walking usually worsens the symptom.

Stretching exercises and massage can treat leg cramps, Everyday Health suggests. Consuming sports drinks often eases cramps that arise due to a lack of minerals. Drinking water solves simple dehydration, notes Mayo Clinic. Prescription muscle relaxants sometimes relieve nocturnal cramps. A heating pad, a warm bath, or a stream of hot shower water also helps loosen leg cramps. There is some evidence that taking vitamin B complex supplements help deal with leg cramps, but this claim requires further research.

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