How Can the Back Muscles Be Strengthened?


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According to Real Simple, exercises which can strengthen the back muscles include the hip bridge, bird dog, side plank and lunge. Aside from improving the strength of the back muscles, these exercises can also prevent injuries.

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How Can the Back Muscles Be Strengthened?
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Real Simple explains that the hip bridge is performed by lying on one's back with arms relaxed, feet apart and flat on the floor and knees bent. Next, the buttocks are squeezed while the hips are lifted. The bird dog exercise is done by positioning on all fours and then squeezing the abs by pulling the abdomen towards the spine. Next, the right leg must be extended backwards and the left arm must be straightened out while keeping the spine neutral.

Real Simple also states that the side plank is performed by lying straight on one side while resting on one's forearm, then lifting the hips off the floor. Lastly, the lunge exercise is done by taking a huge step forward with one foot and then sinking down so that the leg that is moved forward makes a 90-degree angle at the knee. After sinking down, the person must push back to the starting position and repeat for several times.

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