How Can You Avoid Trouble Removing Contact Lenses?


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To avoid trouble while removing contact lenses, the wearer should maintain proper hygiene, use lubricating eyedrops before removal, remain calm and consider the use of lens removal tools if necessary. Practice can help a new user become more comfortable with lens insertion and removal. Wearers who continue to have trouble removing lenses should consult their eye doctors.

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When removing her contact lenses, the user should first thoroughly wash and dry her hands to avoid spreading bacteria to the delicate eye area. To avoid mixing up her lenses, she should always start with the same eye. Dry eyes can make lens removal more difficult, so the wearer may consider using rewetting drops at this point. With her lens case and solution ready, she should hold her eyelid open with her non-dominant hand and use the pointer finger and thumb of her dominant hand to gently pinch the lens away from her eye. To avoid future infections and lens damage, she should then clean and store each lens according to her eye doctor's instructions.

New wearers may feel trepidation when attempting to insert or remove contact lenses. Staying calm, breathing deeply and going slowly can help ease fears, as can practicing several times a day in front of a mirror. If the wearer cannot become comfortable with removing her contacts, her doctor may recommend a suction tool or tweezers with soft tips designed for safe lens removal.

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