What Can You Do to Avoid Having Thigh Cramps?


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The best way to prevent the occurrence of thigh cramps is to steer clear of exercises that can lead to straining of the muscles, as stated by Healthline. Warming up and stretching prior to participating in sporting activities or exercises is helpful in prevention of cramps. Taking plenty of fluids is also necessary to prevent dehydration.

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Possible causes of cramps include muscle fatigue, dehydration, poor warming up before exercise, calcium deficiency in women, potassium deficiency, damaged nerve and poor blood circulation. Understanding the possible causes of cramps and learning how to avoid them is the key to preventing cramps. Muscle cramps can also occur due to taking certain medications. These include Procardia, Lasix, Evista, Tasmar, Brethine and Aricept, as noted by WebMD. It may be necessary to consult with the doctor on the possible risk of getting cramps while using these drugs.

When the a muscle cramp occur, there are several things a person can do to clear it up. These include stretching, icing, massaging, warming the muscle or taking a shower with Epsom salt. A person can also increase his or her potassium and calcium levels by eating bananas, milk and orange juice. This help in the prevention of cramps that occur due to potassium deficiency.

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