How Can You Avoid Gout?


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Hydration, balanced diet, healthy body weight, alcohol avoidance and limits on consumption of poultry, meat and fish all help people avoid gout, according to Medical News Today. All of these changes can combine to decrease levels of uric acid in the blood.

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Drinking between 2 and 4 liters of fluid per day flushes wastes through the kidneys at an elevated rate, ensuring that uric acid has fluids to keep it from gathering in the bloodstream, explains Medical News Today. Alcohol interferes with the process of eliminating uric acid from the body, which is why moderating or limiting its consumption helps to avoid gout. People with a healthy body weight do not have tissue breakdown at the same level as those who are overweight, and tissue breakdown is another source of uric acid.

Gout happens when excess uric acid in the blood forms crystals that are shaped like needles, notes Medical News Today. These needles lodge in joints, often beginning with the big toe. Keeping uric acid from developing in excessive amounts is crucial in avoiding or managing gout. Purines lead to uric acid development in the body, so it is helpful to stay away from foods that keep purines in the body in excess amounts. These include game meats, beef kidneys, gravy, asparagus, anchovies, herring, mushrooms, scallops, sardines, mackerel, liver and sweetbreads.

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