How Can You Avoid Common Muscle-Building Mistakes?

How Can You Avoid Common Muscle-Building Mistakes?

Avoiding common muscle-building mistakes requires that a bodybuilder make positive lifestyle changes and avoid negative habits, according to Men's Health. Choosing exercises that work out a wide range of muscles, eating after working out, avoiding excess sugar, staying hydrated and getting sufficient sleep all help avoid bad habits and muscle-building mistakes.

As Men's Health points out, a bodybuilder can get a better muscle workout by doing basic exercises such as bench presses and squats, moves which cover a wider range of muscle groups than isolation exercises such as chest flies and leg extensions.

Another rule of thumb for successful muscle building is always to eat after a workout, notes Men's Health. Skipping meals causes muscles to break down and be converted into glucose. To avoid this, a bodybuilder should eat an after-workout meal that is high in carbohydrates with some protein.

In addition, bodybuilders should avoid reaching for that soda or soft drink filled with sugar, notes Men's Health. Sugary beverages rob a body of the energy it needs for a good workout. Instead, a bodybuilder should choose either water or sports drinks that are low in sugar. Staying hydrated is also important, as drinking between eight and 10 glasses of water with meals relieves kidney stress.

Getting enough sleep is another way to improve workout results. According to Men's Health, lack of sleep results in lower-intensity workouts. Establishing a set routine for going to bed and waking up can help. Caffeine and exercising should be avoided four to six hours before going to bed.