How Can You Avoid Bunions Causing Pain?

How Can You Avoid Bunions Causing Pain?

Choosing proper footwear and using arch supports or prescription orthotics help prevent bunion pain, advises Cleveland Clinic. Protecting the bunion with padding, taking over-the-counter pain medications, applying ice or a heating pad, and wearing a splint at night are some other solutions.

Wearing well-made shoes that fit properly can alleviate bunion pain if it is not too severe, notes WebMD. An orthotic specialist can custom make a shoe that alleviates joint pressure. Shoes should have plenty of room in the toe area, Cleveland Clinic advises. Over-the-counter arch supports or prescription orthotics may help keep the foot positioned correctly in the shoe, alleviating pressure and pain. Applying moleskin or gel-filled pads to protect the bunion from rubbing against the shoes can help as well.

Oral pain relievers, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, can control bunion pain, states Mayo Clinic. Cortisone shots are effective too. Applying an ice pack or heating pad or soaking the foot in warm water alleviates bunion pain, according to WebMD.

A doctor may provide a splint to wear at night to hold the toe in the proper position and alleviate pain, notes Cleveland Clinic. Maintaining a healthy weight also helps keep bunion pain to a minimum.

Surgery is a possible solution for bunions that cause pain for at least a year, Cleveland Clinic reports. During the procedure, a surgeon returns the bones, ligaments, nerves and tendons to the proper position to eliminate the bump and straighten the big toe.