How Can You Avoid Arthritis in the Upper Back?


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Several things to do to avoid arthritis in the back include stopping smoking, relaxing, losing weight, resting in moderation and taking care of the feet, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Methods that help with arthritis pain include water exercise, physical therapy, visiting a chiropractor, acupuncture, braces and corsets, massage therapy and heat and cold therapy.

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How Can You Avoid Arthritis in the Upper Back?
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Losing excess weight can help to avoid arthritis in the upper back. Extra pounds in the midsection put more pressure on the lower back. Smoking makes it difficult for discs in the spine to get oxygen, so it is advisable to stop smoking. Relaxation techniques help to drive a person's focus away from the pain and stress. Good sitting posture while in the office and choosing the correct height for a working space are necessary.

Finding the best sleeping position helps to avoid the pain, notes WebMD. Doctors recommend a person sleeping on one side with the legs pulled towards the chest. Physical therapy improves the strength of the back muscles, relieving the pain. Water exercises also help to stretch and strengthen the muscles. Going for several massage sessions in a week helps to ease depression, back and anxiety. Gentle exercises, such as tai chi and yoga, offer good results for back pain.

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