Can You Avoid Arthritis by Eating Certain Foods?


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While there aren't any foods proven to prevent the acquisition of arthritis, there are quite a few that help minimize the effects, according to the Arthritis Foundation. Some of these include soybeans, extra-virgin olive oil, cherries and low-fat dairy products. Broccoli, green tea, certain types of fish, whole grains and citrus fruits are other options, and garlic and beans reduce the pain of arthritis.

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Soybeans, such as those in tofu and edamame, are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation. They provide omega-3 fatty acids while being low in fat and high in protein. Oleocanthal, which has properties similar to anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drugs, is in extra-virgin olive oil. Walnut oil also contains oleocanthal and has 10 times the amount of omega-3 compounds that olive oil has.

Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties from anthocyanins and reduce the frequency of gout attacks, as the Arthritis Foundation explains. Dairy products are rich in vitamin D and calcium, thus offering a boost to bone strength and the immune system. Broccoli, plentiful in vitamins K and C, boasts a compound called sulforaphane, which may help prevent or slow the progression of osteoarthritis. Green tea contains polyphenols, which are thought to reduce inflammation and slow the destruction of cartilage.

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