How Can You Attend AA Meetings Online?

How Can You Attend AA Meetings Online?

Attend online Alcoholics Anonymous meetings by visiting the AA Online Intergroup and selecting a meeting. Join a meeting by clicking the appropriate link, notes

AA has a number of online meetings anyone can join. To begin the joining process, follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate the AA website
  2. Visit From the Intergroup website, click the link for the Meeting Browser. For meetings designed around certain groups, use the links below that section to narrow the desired results.

  3. Browse the meetings
  4. On the next page, browse through the meetings. Select one by clicking the link under each description.

Note that some online meeting groups are closed. Others cater to specific groups of people such as male, female, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Note these options while browsing through the selection of online support groups.

On the main page of the AA online Intergroup website, there are options to attend groups in other languages such as Polish, Spanish, French and German. Select the corresponding language to see its groups.

Regarding online AA meetings, an open group is one that is available for anyone interested in AA. Those who join do not have to be members of AA, notes Closed groups or meetings are usually for AA members only, but some allow those who are looking for a way to quit to attend.