How Can You Find an Aspergers Support Group?

How Can You Find an Aspergers Support Group?

Patients with Asperger's can find a list of support groups on the Asperger/Autism Network's (AANE) website. There, one can find groups for kids, teens and adults suffering from the disorder and all groups are moderated by AANE staff to provide strong support and understanding, notes the AANE.

The AANE provides current information regarding Asperger's and autism. The site is there to help those diagnosed with everything from AS to autism spectrum disorder or non-verbal learning disorder. There are support groups for the families of those diagnosed as well, states the AANE.

One support group is called the AANE Children-Parents Group and is for the parents of elementary and middle school-aged children. Another group is dedicated to supporting parents and teens with Asperger's and autism. Joining these groups is easy and information on how to join is listed on the website.

There are also adult support groups designed to provide help and support for spouses and partners and those divorced, but co-parenting a child with one of these disorders. Parents of adult Asperger's sufferers can also find help and support through the AANE Adults and Parents Group.

Those who need more support than an online group offers will be happy to learn that the AANE also connect people with face-to-face support groups and can help people set up groups in their area.